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Giraffe Unicycle

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By canadawest99

Giraffe unicycles are becoming very famous among the adventure and thrill loving people in the world. The following are some of the key facts relating to giraffe unicycles:

1. Giraffe unicycle is one cycle which has one tyre and no handle bars like in the usual cycle that we see.

2. They are not the usual cycles and it requires a lot of skill and practice to ride on this giraffe unicycle. All those people who can ride a normal bicycle will not necessarily find it easy to ride this cycle. Riding a bicycle and riding a giraffe unicycle are completely two different ball games.

3. Most of the times we use our cycles to go out and do some commuting or travelling. But the giraffe unicycle is not used for traveling purposes. It is used for adventure purposes and artists perform on these giraffe unicycle during shows and special events.

4. Make sure that you do not use giraffe unicycles for riding down sand dunes. This is because it is both difficult and dangerous to use it on sand dunes. Better stick to your hummer as it is a very good option for sand dunes.

5. Do not try to stop a speeding car from the back of the car when you are on this giraffe unicycle. This is probably one of the stupidest things that you would ever end up doing to yourself and the giraffe unicycle.

6. Be sure that you have your legs on the pedals and not spread wide apart. If your feet are spread wide apart, then make sure that the speed is good enough otherwise you would lose your balance and end up falling flat on the ground.

7. Do not ride on the giraffe unicycle when you have not practised enough and when you are really not sure about your skills because doing so will lead to accidents and also fatal injuries at times.

8. There are lots of companies selling giraffe unicycles in the market. If you think that you are good enough to ride one and would like to buy one for yourself, then make sure that you get the best ones in the town as far as the pricing and the quality of the material is concerned. The material used for the must play a huge part in your selection as it is the body of the cycle that is going to go through the difficult paths and ways during the cycling.


unicyclekid 3 months ago

Great Hub! I had one chance to ride a giraffe and I took it. A few seconds later I took a 4 foot fall. Worth it though. And good advice on the sand dunes :)

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