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  • Waxing and shaving

    A lot of people want to know the difference between shaving and waxing. However, they are both just temporary hair removal solutions. So, what’s it going to be? Heads…or tail? Soap or Shaving Cream? Electric or Razor? And yes…Waxing or shaving?

    wtfalx   shaving, waxing  

  • Models of wedding cakes with fairy tale wedding theme

    We would like to offer some suggestions in case you want to organize a wedding that has as main theme a fairytale and we’re sure that you’re going to appreciate what you’re going to see here. For instance, we thought it would be great to offer you so

    wtfalx   fairytale theme, wedding cake  

  • Fujitsu LifeBook AH550 – desktop replacement

    In case you were looking for a desktop replacement, it seems that we’ve got only great solutions for you and these come from Fujitsu. Throughout the time we’ve suggested as many laptops as possible in order for you to have where to choose from and we

    wtfalx   Fujitsu LifeBook AH550  

  • Sunflower Theme For Your Wedding

    In case you really loved our idea with the sunflower theme for your wedding we’ve got some extra hints for you and we’re sure that you’re going to reconsider these. Also, we hope that you enjoyed reading about our previous examples and these ones are

    wtfalx   sunflower wedding theme  

  • Asus Eee PC 1005PEG

    We’ve got another great suggestion for you and it comes from Asus; this is in case you were looking for a good solution for a really ultra portable computer that will be useful every time you intend on going somewhere and you wouldn’t want to feel it

    wtfalx   Asus Eee PC 1005PEG  

  • Haute couture wedding dresses 4

    Up to this moment we haven’t presented you haute couture wedding dresses that were outrageous, but the time hasn’t passed. And what do we mean by outrageous? Well, being very different from the canonical image of the bride’s dress and with too many e

    wtfalx   Haute couture wedding dresses, wedding dr  

  • HP Envy 17

    Now that we’ve begun with the Envy series of laptops we should continue with presenting you some other gadgets from this big series and we’re speaking about the HP Envy 17 series. Be sure that these gadgets outperform a desktop PC and with their adva

    wtfalx   HP Envy 17, envy series, intel core i5  

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